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If you are a Chilean professional with a job offer in the USA, start your process as soon as possible.

Requirements to Apply Your H1B1 Visa

Chilean Passport

To apply for this visa category, you must have a valid Chilean passport.


The company must be domiciled and have a TAX ID in the USA.


Theoretical and practical experience for the functions and responsibilities required for the offered position.

Work and live in the United States. With our help, achieving it is possible


  • Nicolás Correa

    Apoyo constante durante todo el proceso Visability me guió y apoyó en todo momento durante esta etapa, su equipo tiene toda la experiencia necesaria para llevar con éxito este proceso tan clave para nuestro nuevo desafío.
  • María Jesús Gutiérrez

    Great service from an experienced team! Visability's immigration team has deep knowledge on immigration issues, most of answered were based on previous experiences. This gave me a lot of peace of mind during this delicate process.
  • Antonia Cataldo

    I went from an H4 to a H1B1 Visa in less than a month! I felt supported throughout the process, even though my case wasn't particularly easy. I was coming from a VISA H4 and transferred to a H1B1 working VISA. It was a clear and transparent route!
  • Antonieta Landa

    Very fast process and extremely efficient teamwork The service I received was always very personalized, with great attention to details, really. I was informed of the status of my process at every step. Got the VISA in my hand in 3 weeks!
  • Danyelo Rivera

    Increíble, todo fue muy rapido y bien hecho. La amabilidad y disposicion a ayudar es bastante buena. Logre obtener mi visa en 1 mes.