Requirements for the H1B1 Visa

Maximize your job opportunities in the U.S. with the H1B1 visa. At Visability, we guide you step-by-step to leverage this unique benefit for Chileans, opening doors to an international career without a permanent commitment. Learn how to qualify and the requirements you must meet.

Requirements You Must Meet to Obtain Your H1B1 Visa

To have a Chilean Passport

In order to apply to this Visa category, your Chilean passport must be valid.

To have a job offer from US company

The company must be domiciled and with valid TAX ID in the USA.

Job with a Specialty occupation.

This is much simpler than it seems. You should only have the theoretical and practical experience for the functions and responsibilities that must be assumed in the position offered

Not having the intention of settling in the USA

Since the H1B1 is a temporary work Visa, you must make it clear that you have no intention of settling in the USA once your Visa has expired.